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C-Line®, Ocutek

C-Line® and Ocutek

Ocutek Tissue Punches and Microsurgical Instruments

Ocutek offers a comprehensive selection of ophthalmic and microsurgical instruments and tissue punches in a variety of styles and sizes. Request more information

Ocutek™ Forceps

Ocutek™ Tissue Punches

Corneal Trephine Blades

Ophthalmic corneal trephine blades and handles are handcrafted, with sharp, uniform blade edges that promote a symmetrical and vertical cut of all corneal layers. Overall length 15.8mm, available in 4-14mm diameter. Single-use. Packaged sterile. Request more information

Notched Trephine Blades

Notched Trephine Blade

Tissue Punches and Trephine Blades Product Sheet

For a complete listing of Ocutek™ microsurgical instruments and corneal tissue punches and trephine blades, view our catalog

Lacrimal Duct Reconstruction Instruments

Canaliculus Intubation Sets (CIS) For Lacrimal Reconstruction

Gently curved, malleable stainless steel probes bonded to silicone tubing. These sets are designed to provide gentle, controlled reconstruction of the lacrimal outflow system with optimal patient comfort and outcome. They are pre-assembled to minimize the risk of compromised surgical performance, and they feature malleable probes to provide gentle, atraumatic intubation.

The CIS family includes the C-Line®, Fiber Optic, and Guibor models for retractable, illuminated, and pass-through surgical techniques. Request more information

Intubation Applications*

Canaliculus Intubation Sets offer distinctive features that enhance patient care and clinical performance during adult and pediatric treatment of conditions such as:

  • Canalicular laceration
  • Functional lacrimal obstruction
  • Eyelid reconstruction
  • Congenital and acquired Nasal Lacrimal Duct Disorder
  • Persistent punctal stenosis
  • Thermal or chemical injury
  • Tearing with infections: Herpes Simplex, Herpes Zoster or Varicella
  • Dacryocystorhinostomies
  • Lacrimal system reconstruction
  • Fistulization of lacrimal system
  • Tearing with miotics, antivirals, and anticancers

* The overview of intubation applications is provided by Arthur C. Perry, MD, FACS. It is not to be considered comprehensive nor a treatment recommendation. The preferred surgical treatment and technique is that which, in the healthcare professional's judgment, addresses the needs of the individual patient.

The Specialty Fiber Optic CIS

  • Malleable, fiber optic stainless steel probes encased in a soft/low friction sheath attached to silicone tubing
  • Retractable probes are illuminated at the tip for clear visualization during intubation
  • Ideal for dacryocystorhinostomies and other procedures benefiting from illumination

Request more information

Fiber Optic CIS

The Guibor CIS

Gently curved malleable stainless steel probes bonded to silicone tubing. Request more information

Guibor CIS


Highly flexible stylettes encased in a soft/low friction sheath attached to silicone tubing for gentle, atraumatic insertion and retraction. Request more information

C-Line® CIS

Lacrimal Duct Instruments Product Sheet

For a complete listing of Lacrimal Duct Instruments, view our catalog

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