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Endo Optiks Laser Endoscopy

Endo Optiks ® recently migrated product information on the Endo Optiks Laser Endoscopy systems  to the BVI site.  All  Endo Optiks product and ordering information can now be found here.  The Endo Optiks website will be maintained as a clinical resource.

Endo Optiks specializes in ophthalmic endoscopy for the treatment of glaucoma, retinal diseases, and other applications such as foreign body removal, and visualizing areas of the eye that are otherwise inaccessible.

The E2 and E4 endoscopy systems provide high resolution video imaging, wide field illumination and laser delivery.

E2 Ophthalmic Laser Endoscopy System

The E2 offers a minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) approach to glaucoma management using Endoscopic Cyclophotocoagulation (ECP) to lower your patients IOP and reduce the number of prescribed glaucoma medications.

The system uniquely combines endoscopic imaging and laser treatment capability. The console houses a high resolution video camera, 175 or 300 watt xenon light source and an 810nm diode laser. The E2 offers versatility like no other ophthalmic surgical instrument with targeted, controlled laser delivery for the treatment of glaucoma and retinal disorders and valuable diagnostic imaging.

Endo Optiks is a world class leader in ophthalmic microendoscopy providing simple, safe and effective glaucoma management solutions.

E2 Ophthalmic Laser Endoscopy Product Sheet

Operating room

E4 systemE4 Ophthalmic Laser Endoscopy System

The E4 high resolution endoscopy system can be coupled with various external lasers for triple function laser endoscopy.
E4 Ophthalmic Laser Endoscopy Product Sheet

laser endoscopeLaser Endoscopes and Probes

Our patented ophthalmic laser endoscopes and probes are available in triple function, dual function, and single function configurations, delivering a combination of laser, high resolution imaging and wide field illumination through one single microprobe.
Endo Optiks Ophthalmic Endoscopes Product Sheet

Physician Documents & Videos

Top 10 reasons you should perform ECP as a cataract surgeon PDF
Endo Optiks Clinical Summaries PDF

Endo Optiks Clinical Library and Resources

We have gathered clinical studies, articles, videos, and the latest research material on endoscopic-laser techniques in both glaucoma and vitreo-retinal surgeries from the most experienced surgeons. You will find these resources on the Endo Optiks Clinical site:

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